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Present offices, factories and facilities

Using our drone aerial photography capabilities, you can present your warehouses, factories, offices and facilities from a unique perspective.

We have the technical abilities and the accreditation to fly our drones and capture your offices and facilities from a high-level perspective to maximise their attractiveness. It might be the generous parking within a congested urban area or the extended outdoor gardening facilities that make your offices a unique and attractive place. We can focus on the venue highlights and produce high-grade photographic and video assets that our clients’ PR and marketing teams can publish.

We provide office and facilities aerial photography drone and UAV services using stills and motion recordings (or videos). In addition, we offer high-quality raw photographic materials for printing on large-sized ads such as A1 or A2. Because we provide raw files and compressed JPEG deliverables, our clients can leverage different marketing instruments such as online pay per click or banner exchange programmes with third party marketing agencies or publish high-quality photos of their offices and facilities on their website.

The 4K video recordings can be decoded and optimised and colour graded using Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, or After Effects to highlight the best features offered by their outdoor facilities or offices.

Promote offices and facilities

Promoting features of offices and facilities that would be difficult to spot from ground level will positively influence the workforce and visitors.

  1. Observing leisure and refreshments areas from a high level will positively impact the workforce by increasing productivity during working hours. Equally, employees may find opportunities to reduce stress levels by leveraging the specially laid out breakout areas or the quiet rest booth sections.
  2. From the health and safety perspective, we will inspect using a bird’s eye view tight areas of office or warehouse facilities to reduce workplace accidents and injuries.
  3. In professional retail, setting out the area plan using a high-level perspective helps maintain excellent visibility over the contents of elevated shelves.

Offices and facilities both inside and outside

All services are equally available for indoors and outdoors facilities. Our drone operators can manoeuvre UAV equipment indoors, and due to our UAV devices using electricity, there will be no pollution. In our initial risk assessment, we will test the manoeuvrability of our drones should we fly them indoors to ensure the safety of the members on site.