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Roof, canopy and cupola inspection

Our aerial drone solutions provide flexible roof inspection and canopy survey services to identify defects, damages and signs of wear.

Traditional working at heights methods introduce health and safety risks, are expensive, and time-consuming given the need to erect scaffolds or rent costly mobile platforms. We can avoid all these complexities by using drones equipped with high-grade cameras to survey industrial and domestic roofs, canopies, and cupolas within seconds from taking off.

We will capture high-resolution RAW and JPG files that we will provide via a secure Internet link from where you can download and interpret them using your construction team. Should you prefer video footage, we can equally record HD or 4K recordings using our fleet of drones, effectively providing you with cinematic-grate material.

Another benefit of using our services is that you can use the same digital material for multiple purposes (not just for roof inspection purposes). You may wish to hire a drone operator for an hour and survey your entire residential property using a birds-eye perspective whilst recording several photographs capturing the external walls, any tall structures such as sheds, garages or adjacent buildings you own or manage. Given the flexibility involved in our services, you will save both time and money by achieving an hour the equivalent that would take you at least a day to erect and dismantle a scaffold in different parts of your yard or garden.

The structures exposed to the elements are likely to be affected by water and cold temperatures, winds and storms or high temperatures. Equally, the lack of maintenance, walking on them or substandard installations are also likely to affect roofs, canopies or cupolas. Any maintenance company will recommend planning roof inspection and survey services regularly to avoid increased costs for internal repairs and reinstatements, should water infiltrations or more severe damages occur in the absence of early and proactive maintenance.