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Mast inspection and aerial survey

Energy and telecoms companies and construction firms regularly schedule and conduct asset and mast inspection and survey maintenance surveys for various reasons. These can vary from site surveys to landscape analysis, including tree encroachment investigations, network coverage analysis, site planning and development examinations, access and safety inquiries, or regular maintenance services.

Masts vary in height. Given that we deliver mast inspection services in line with CAA requirements, we have to tailor our solutions based on the masts’ measurements and their respective location(s). We primarily categorise masts into three groups:

  • Between 100 and 200 feet tall, also known as monopoles
  • Self-supporting masts which vary from 100 to 400 feet
  • Guyed maths which range from 100 to 2150 feet tall

Using our equipment, training, accreditation and experience, we can help you survey and investigate the status of all three categories of masts. Using our slow speed flying capabilities, we can manoeuvre our drones between cables and connectors whilst advancing at five mph. 

Once we reach the right altitude, we can record video footage or take high-quality, high-resolution photos using our UAV. This service will enable you to check for cable damages, potential connection faults or other technical shortfalls without having to climb at dangerous heights to provide the mast inspection service in person.

Aerial survey services - Bogdan Ciocoiu

Climbing and inspecting in person

Leveraging the power of drone equipment is a much safer and affordable way than renting specialised equipment that enables one to rise to the altitudes exemplified above and observe and survey specific connection points from one meter or less. Usually, one needs to rent such equipment; however, you might consider subcontracting an operator due to the risks involved in using specialised equipment, increasing the costs even more. 

Avoiding regular mast inspection services

Given the risk implications and the cost impact of hiring a company to facilitate the climbing exercise, many maintenance and construction companies skip regular maintenance for masts or similar tall structures. Less maintenance paves the way for potential disruption due to simple faults not identified during regular inspection cycles. By working with drone operators, you would benefit from regular and affordable maintenance resume applied uniformly across all your tall structures.

Get in contact with our teams to discuss bespoke packages for mast inspection and service services scheduled every six or 12 months.