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About drone services and solutions - Bogdan Ciocoiu

The drone consulting industry is relatively new in some parts of the world, such as Eastern Europe. In Western Europe, particularly within the UK, there are strong regulations issued by central governments to control and regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Her Majesty Government enacted these regulations through the Civil Aviation Authority within the UK, on the back of unfortunate events where drone users disrupted the traditional manned flight industry by piloting drones near airports.

We operate across the UK, and we seek to use this platform as a single point of contact, after which we will provide you with detailed, tailored information and additional contacts based on your request.

We have operated within the technology industry since 2005, and we have expertise within many sectors, including automation, software engineering, project management, program integration and assurance and marketing, including digital image processing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC).

We recognise that the UK markets must undertake a journey to learn about what drones can do and cannot do. However, we look forward to progressing on that journey, and we recognise that there is an element of learning and education and that we must help potential clients align their expectations with the CAA restrictions.

Aerial drone services, photography, surveying, inspections - Bogdan Ciocoiu
Aerial drone services, photography, surveying, inspections - Bogdan Ciocoiu
Aerial drone services, photography, surveying, inspections - Bogdan Ciocoiu

We have experience working with film and photography industry professionals, and we understand the nature of deliverables that we can produce to enable them to render and process in postproduction to maximise the impact of media projects. This consideration includes but is not limited to the file format, the resolution, the level of details captured and other technical factors.

Given our professional services and technology consulting background developed since 2005, we can blend with your team to provide a complete end-to-end service, so you will not feel as if you are coordinating multiple contractors individually. We will also conduct our on-site risk assessments and providing mitigation measures as quickly as possible.

We have different levels of certification based on each member’s experience. We are keen to operate entirely within the CAA boundaries, and in doing so, we will inform you with precise details in terms of what we can and cannot deliver.

We will work with you for the operations where we require additional permissions and apply to CAA as early as practicable to ensure a timely response enables the flight to happen as scheduled. However, although we will endeavour to estimate when the authority will respond to our applications, ultimately, CAA may have its backlog of such requests.

About UAV services and solutions - Bogdan Ciocoiu