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Bridge and tunnel inspection

Bridge and tunnel inspection services are challenging due to obvious accessibility reasons and subsequent H&S potential complications.

However, using our drone inspection services, we can help you survey such structures to find defects. This service includes taking close-up photos to determine the functional and physical condition of the bridge and find potential cracks caused by temperature variation, movement or deterioration of the surface. Such inspections and surveys will also reveal areas of concrete spalling and other common faults.

Other critical points to monitor involve movable steel structures such as connections, i.e. bolts, nuts and washers, to check against developed corrosion and signs of deter.

As asset owners, we recommend scheduling bridge and tunnel inspections every twelve months to allow for swift repairs before developing complications and requiring more capital for rehabilitation works.

We can record specific locations using latitude and longitude within our drone devices and take photos or videos at different times and on consecutive days. In doing so, we can observe and any variation or movement which occurred between sessions.

We can also help you inspect areas that require condition maintenance, such as removing weeds, washing and cleaning, and removing trash and other debris to protect against the risk of slippages as well as fire. Other examples of maintenance activities suitable for bridges involve sealing deck joints and cracks, cleaning drainage areas, painting structural parts exposed to the elements to mitigate against the effects of moisture, lubricating bearings or protecting against scour. We can help you make informed decisions as to where maintenance is required.

Optionally for long structures, we will create a report using a visual diagram drawing system similar to CAD to indicate across the length of the bridge or tunnel the location of each point reflected in each photograph. This approach helps to interpret the graphic evidence using a measured engineering or surveying perspective.

CSCS, PTS, Lucas certifications

We extend our services within confined spaces, subject to whether there is enough room for us to operate our rules. Our drone operators are CSCS certified, PTS and Lucas approved to work in certain conditions on construction sites or Network Rail and Transport for London rail infrastructure. These permissions allow us to operate on both train systems (therefore using overhead line equipment) or tube power systems. 

Bespoke technology services

In addition, we offer bespoke technology consultancy services to assist with automation tasks concerning bridge and tunnel inspections and surveys. Please reach out to learn more about our custom services.