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Commercial properties and centres

Investors perceive commercial properties as assets that generate profit from rental and capital gains. Similarly to residential dwellings, commercial properties also make the subject of agency websites for sales and rentals. Therefore, presenting commercial properties such as restaurants, leisure and entertainment centres from different perspectives, including using a top-down bird’s eye view, is essential to highlight important architectural or user-focused features.

Photographing commercial properties from the ground floor level up is something anyone can achieve using a smartphone. Most modern commercial properties, including medical (i.e. healthcare, nursing homes, hospitals) and commercial retail buildings (i.e. shopping centres, high street shops), provide advanced features such as air ventilation structures that communicate between floors and rest on the roof of the building. When presenting commercial properties such as gyms, cinemas it is vital to show these features whilst capturing a high level of details to demonstrate the technicalities that underpin the offering.

Commercial property management companies benefit from managing dwellings that require little or no maintenance. However, when a management company or a landlord considers taking on the management of a new building, it might want to assess the level of regular maintenance required by looking for signs of damages caused by water leaks, rust, weeds and other forms of imperfections to establish whether the asking price is fair in conjunction with the state of the building. Should aerial drone footage be provided, it will significantly enhance the viewing experience by enabling the potential client to establish the condition of the commercial building before making an offer and without having to step on the roof of the structure.

Tall commercial properties also attract health and safety risks should traditional inspections be arranged when presenting the buildings to potential new tenants or landlords. Therefore, the likelihood that a potential tenant will inspect the roof of a building when a lettings agent presents an offer is small. Our drone and UAV aerial photography services are affordable and accessible and pose no health and safety risks due to nobody climbing any structures. We can represent potential tenants and investors with amazing drone and UAV aerial footage, and we can help lettings and property agents make effective and detailed presentations that include areas hard to reach, such as building roofs, external cladding or external vertical walls.